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Dear all, 'd appreciate having your suggestions on the following please :

I am running scRNA-seq analyses (in R 3.6.1) on a SLURM CLUSTER , and I do have 2 scripts :

a) a script that requires the package Seurat 2.3.4 (historically, for "compatibility" with older data), and

b) another script that requires (a newer version) Seurat 3.1.

When I submit the jobs to the SLURM cluster, how could specify in the R script the use of the library Seurat 2.3.4 versus Seurat 3.1 ?

(as we know, when we load the Seurat library , we just write : library("Seurat"), without specifying the version).

do I need to use a docker/singularity container for R.3.6.1 with Seurat 2.3.4, and another docker/singularity container with Seurat 3.1 ? thanks !


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