Hello I need to map reads on a genome in fasta file format.

For that I installed `Bowtie2 v2.4.1`(last version) with biodonda by doing :

conda install bowtie2

Everything went right and I can run bowtie2 properly.

But I need to use the `--sra-acc` option and in the documentation they say :

As of version 2.3.5 bowtie2 now supports aligning SRA reads. Prepackaged builds will include a package that supports SRA

and unfortunatly when I use this option I get :

/beegfs/data/my_conda/bin/bowtie2-align-s: unrecognized option '--sra-acc'

So I wondered if you got the same issue when installing bowtie2 with bioconda and if you have a solution in order to add this particular option ?

Thank you for your help.

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