Up-to-date GWAS Power Calculator and GWAS power comparison


I have used two different methods to do a height GWAS, and would like to know which method has more statistical power. I've searched over the internet and found that most software products are either

  • not available anymore (obsolete links) or
  • only available online (implying manual input for millions of snps) or
  • irrelevant (e.g. to help calculate sample size for a to-be-planned GWAS).

The only package seems to be appropriate is GWAS power at github.com/kaustubhad/gwas-power, but I have a question regarding which p-value to use (github.com/kaustubhad/gwas-power/issues/3) and not sure when the question will be answered.

The above being said, I am wondering how people are calculating GWAS power these days.

A related question is what metrics to use to tell which GWAS method is better than the other besides power. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks much in advance!




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