Question: two questions about drugbank and proposing an update on a pathway

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I have two questions

  1. It seems Drugbank indicates methionine as an agonist of GALR2 ( ), and that it got this association from Guide to Pharmacology. I would like to see what is the evidence to indicate this relationship, however, when investigating the database, I'm not able to find the relationship in the methionine page or the GALR2 page

    I couldn't find any article linking the relationship either. Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?

  2. The second question is related to why I'm doing this. I would like to expand a KEGG pathway (specifically the longevity pathway hsa04213) through bioinformatic analysis (by integrating Drugage, STRING, Drugbank). From what I know, most articles propose pathways through experimental data or big literature review, so this maybe this is not a great method? I'm afraid of how this could be seem, my peers are a bit skeptical (they should be, I guess). The only article I have found that did something similar is this although I think I don't have enough coding skills to apply it.

Does anyone know articles with a similar approach?

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