• To get fasta header

    I am trying to open the fasta file with sequences. My bio perl script opens the sequence but not ...

  • Add filename to fasta headers of multiple fasta files inside loop


    I have 10 fasta files (each file with 20 gene sequences from each of the 10 samples). I woul...

  • Running a script for each of the Reference .fa files along with their respective .abi files

    I have a bash script to process ".abi" files with its reference ".fasta" file.
    When I have a mult...

  • Renaming fasta headers according to a matching name list

    Hi all,

    Can anyone advise me on how to rename the header in my fasta file? Say I have a **seq.fa...

  • EDIT:SOLVED:changing the fasta header in a multi-fasta file with biopython.

    ***EDIT SKB 17MAR16***
    Hi Group,

    figured out that I was not calling the correct variable in my ...

  • rename mutiple fasta header for mutiple fasta files


    I have mutiple fasta file and I want to change the header, for this I am using -

    awk '/...

  • How to remove the header line with ">" in a fasta file


    I am a beginner in bioinformatics. I have a fasta file like below (plz ignore the "|")


  • Rename fasta headers

    Hi All,

    Can someone help me to rename the following fasta headers


  • Extraction Of Header Of Sequences In Fasta File

    Hi all
    I have a fasta file that i want to extract just header of sequences. is there any perl cod...

  • Biopython script to change file formats and headers

    Hi group, 

    I'm trying to make a script in python that will change formats from fastq to fasta, w...

  • extract fasta sequence using fasta header with python 3

    Hi all,

    I have a list of fasta headers and a corresponding multi fasta file.

    Using python3 I wo...

  • Parse fasta header with regex in python

    I would like to parse a fasta file and get all headers and seqs that match some strings (so c...

  • How to search for a specific sequene in the fasta file and get several lists according to the times of repeat

    Hi there, could anyone help with searching for a specific sequence, say "GGATCC" in a fasta file?...

  • BLAT error sequnces

    I use a BLAT alignment with two files.
    But here is the error "Error: sequence name channel...

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