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Dear Everyone,

I hope you all doing well.
I have a question for using Krona with MEGAN output.
I already export csv from MEGAN with taxon_name to taxon_id with tab separator to input that csv file in Krona using ktImportTaxonomy

I run ktImportTaxonomy with this command line:

ktImportTaxonomy -t 2 -s 3 Healthy_A.txt -o Healthy_A.html

and then I got this message:

Loading taxonomy...
Taxonomy not found in /home/lulunisrna/anaconda3/opt/krona/taxonomy. Was run? at /home/lulunisrna/anaconda3/opt/krona/scripts/../lib/ line 1376.

How to solve this problem? I used KronaTools 2.7 and installed it trough conda.

Thank you for your help.



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