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Disclaimer: These questions are strictly for practice, not for submission as exam answers. I have tried to get help with these questions from my college instructor but he hasn't replied to me for two weeks ago now.

I am kindly asking for guidance in answering the following questions. I have included my answer attempts and thoughts below the three questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Answer: PWMx has a higher information content as it has 6 binding sites, while PWMy only has 4 binding sites. Therefore there will be more information content gathered from PWMx.
Minus values in the PWMs would have a very small information content while large plus values would have a high information content thus if you have lots of low (minus) values and lots of high (plus) values, you will yield a higher information content.

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Scores were calculated by adding the PWMx values that correspond to sequences a & b

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