Cathie Wood, founder of the successful American asset management company Ark Invest, said in a interview with CNBC that digital wallets and the genomics They are the two biggest market trends after Tesla and electric vehicles.

“We are very excited about digital wallets,” Wood said. “We really think that … they are going to replace a lot of the role that banks play today,” he added.

Wood made special mention of the two most important digital wallets in the world: Square Y PayPal.

“Everything is going digital, mobile. It is like a small bank branch in your pocket. We are going to have all kinds of financial services available through them, including loans, debit cards, credit cards, purchase of shares, purchase of bitcoins, “he said.

On the other hand, the businesswoman pointed out that the field of genomics is also showing very positive trends in terms of growth and investment potential.

“DNA sequencing is going to bring science into medical decision making for the first time,” Wood said. “Until now, more than half of all medical decisions were made through guesswork or past experience. Now we are going to have the hard data. We will be able to cure diseases that we never thought would be possible to cure, including cancer, “he predicted.

ARK Innovation, Wood’s flagship fund, bets on companies such as Exact Sciences (which represents almost 5% of its listed funds), Invitae or CRISPR Therapeutics.

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