Supported by the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation, Inovio Pharmaceuticals has developed a coronavirus vaccine. Inovio, the vaccine with successful animal testing, is now starting human testing.

Vaccination against coronavirus continues all over the world. Some vaccine studies started human tests after animal trials. Organizations that develop and test coronavirus vaccines include Inovio Pharmaceuticals, supported by the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation.

The immunity of INO-4800 DNA vaccine, developed by researchers of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, has been successfully developed in animal tests. After animal testing, the company has now begun preparations for phase 1 human testing.

Coronavirus vaccine developed by Inovio may hope for epidemic
With the vaccine called INO-4800 DNA developed by Inovio, a plasmid specifically designed for humans is infected. Thanks to the injected plasmid, cells can produce antibodies that will fight against a particular infection.

Inovio’s coronavirus vaccine studies do not actually start from scratch. The company had previously developed a DNA vaccine candidate for MERS and completed phase 1 human tests. In the first stage human tests of the vaccine developed for MERS, it was understood that the vaccine produced high levels of antibodies for a long time.

1 million doses of vaccine may be available by the end of the year
The company quickly produced thousands of doses of vaccines to be used in the phase 1 and phase 2 trials of the coronavirus vaccine within a few weeks. Inovio was able to produce vaccines so quickly thanks to the funding provided by the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation, as well as other non-profit organizations.

In the statement made by Inovio, which can produce several thousand doses in a short time, it was announced that 1 million doses of vaccine can be produced that can be used in additional experiments or emergencies until the end of the year. The rapid production of the vaccine after successful human testing can shorten the process of delivering the vaccine to humans.

Moderna’s vaccination studies continue
Inovio is not the only company in the U.S. that has developed a coronavirus vaccine and started human testing. Moderna also started human testing of the coronavirus vaccine in mid-March. The coronavirus vaccine study, involving 40 volunteers, is carried out together in several centers. The results of the vaccine are followed in the centers where the study is conducted. The results of Moderna’s vaccination study are expected by the end of summer.

Vaccines developed against coronavirus cannot be produced immediately, even if they show success in human tests quickly. After the second stage of human tests, the side effects of vaccines need to be examined. It takes between 12 and 18 months for the vaccine to be approved, including all these stages.

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