Suggestions for an undergraduate research project on glioblastoma


Hi all.

I am a 4th year cellular biology undergraduate, and in an effort to fulfill the requirements for graduation, I am required to construct and present a research project by mid-December of this year. Given my interests in cancer, I have decided to focus on Glioblastoma multiforme in a “dry lab” context. Unfortunately, my lack of experience is hampering my progress and I do not know what research questions to investigate. Concerning the tools I would be using, R and/or Python would be ideal since I have experience with both. I was hoping a more experienced researcher could kindly recommend one, or more, potential avenues for exploration so that I could begin the work necessary. If so, would I be safe in assuming public datasets of GBM data are available? If so, do you know what format they might be in?

Thank you for any help you could provide.







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