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I am using STRUCTURE 2.3.4 software for population genetic analysis. But something goes wrong.

First, I converted VCF files into STRUCTURE file format with PGDspider ver

Then, I tried importing the file into a new project(File -> New Project).
In setting step, I specified Number of loci as "1377" because STRUCTURE says my data has "294 Lines with 1377 Columns/1 Line with 1375 Columns" ,clicking "Show data file format". For your infomation, number of my sample is 147.

When I finish setting and want to proceed, error "Bad Format in Data Source: Expect 1379 data entries at line 1" occurs, and clicking "OK", a window says "The data file is expected to have following format: 1 row with 1377 entries(marker name)/294 rows with 1379 entries(data)".

Though I turned back to the setting and modified Number of loci several times, almost the same error occurs, "294 rows with ** entries" increasing by 2 from 1377.

So could somebody tell me how to solve this problem?

Thank you all.

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