Dear members of the community,

I was thinking to start a collective twitter account for bioinformaticians.

Which means that each week a different bioinformatician (or a whole lab) takes the control over the account and is "responsible" for the content there. What I mean by content:

  • the career path
  • the educational path
  • interesting practical cases
  • current projects (s)he is working on
  • methods, large and small lifehacks
  • published papers
  • even lifestyle advices, interests outside of science
  • open positions

How it is different from the current twitter accounts of bioinformaticians and labs? Typically they don't describe anything retrospectively and don't give any advices. Also we usually tend to follow only people from our small sub-field.

Why it is good for the readers?

  • one can learn about other fields of bioinformatics
  • one can follow the career path from BSc to the current position and maybe change something her/himself
  • one can ask questions not, as at a conference, only about the latest research, but also about all the past research

Why it is good for a author-for-a-week?

  • one can promote hers/his research
  • can get visibility and followers for the main (personal or lab) account
  • can get feedback and advices from the audience
  • advertise some open positions (but a limited amount of ads - maybe 10% of overall content generated)
  • can help someone to get better and avoid your mistakes

Typically for other specialities (IT developers, data scientists, project managers, etc) it takes from half an hour to 2 hours per day (there is no limitations on this) - so it is not an incredible burden for an author. Usually it takes 20-30 tweets per day for the listed specialists.

What do you think about this idea? Do you have any suggestions? Would you support this?

Currently I am not brave enough to just jump in and create it - I'll most likely have to be the 1st author just to show how it works and I am rather afraid if this format is interesting for our comp biology community.

UPD: Here we are, the handler is CompbioU . I don't promise that it will finally work, but at least I will try to push it a bit and see how it goes. If it won't be supported, it will be discontinued. Enjoy!

An example ("IT underhood", in Russian - this week a person from game development leads this account):

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