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Hi ,

I am trying to convert SRA file to bam file and I getting these error for some files :

/opt/sratoolkit.2.9.2-centos_linux64/bin/sam-dump /data/SRR31467.sra | data/samtools/bin/samtools view -bS -o /data/sratobam/SRR31467.bam

[E::sam_hrecs_error] Malformed key:value pair at line 86: "@RG ID:PM164 PL:Illumina LB:GA LNID:L001 FCID:H9CB8ADXX DT:2014-04-21T00:00:00-0400 BCID:AGTACAAG SM:PM164_X1_1_Case"

samtools view: failed to add PG line to the header

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