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When I run this command,
vg pack -t 1 -x sorted_A019_chr1_dbsnp_aug.xg -g sorted_A019_chr1_dbsnp.f
iltered.gam -Q 5 -o ./alignment/sorted_A019_chr1_dbsnp_aug.pack

am getting below error,
vg: src/packer.cpp:865: size_t vg::Packer::average_node_quality(size_t) const: Assertion `total_node_quality(i) == 0' failed.
ERROR: Signal 6 occurred. VG has crashed. Run 'vg bugs --new' to report a bug.
Stack trace path: /tmp/vg_crash_LuVMJ2/stacktrace.txt
Please include the stack trace file in your bug report!

Any suggestions to fix the issue?


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