Score from correlations per genes in DGE results

I am looking for a scoring method.
I have on one side a correlation score (-1,1 range) per gene (>22,000) for different fates (A, B, C) giving me a link between each gene and each fate.
On the other side I have the result of several differential expressions (so log2FC values (-3 to +3 range) and their p-value) per gene.

Which statistics/formula could I use to obtain a score per fate for each differential expression result. The goal is to understand if the differential gene expression leads to an increase or a decrease of the fate according to the correlation (integrating both positive and negative impact into one value over all genes).

I was thinking of multiplying logFC x corr for each genes, summing over all genes to get an overall score. But I don't know what would be the validity of such score?

(sum (logFC * corr) )/ n_genes

Any suggestion to a statistical method/ publication applicable in this case?






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