TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Local leaders are taking to the airwaves: Reverend R.B. Holmes hosted a two-hour talk show Friday on 95.3 FM.

The show featured local leaders discussing the importance of getting vaccinated amid rising COVID-19 cases.

Rev. Holmes says it’s not about politics but, rather, quality of life.

He spoke with county leaders, medical professionals, members of the business community and the school board.

“I still believe that these vaccines are a gift of life,” Holmes said.

Callers included County Administrator Vince Long, County Commissioner Carolyn Cummings, Dr. Temple Robinson, School Board Member Darryl Jones, Chamber President and CEO Sue Dick, and Sean Pittman.

One topic of conversation was Leon County employees who are now required to get a COVID-19 vaccine or risk losing their jobs.

County Commissioner Carolyn Cummings is in support of the requirement.

“I certainly commend the County Administrator, Vince Long, for stepping to the plate, making a tough decision. And I believe the decision that he has made is the best decision,” she said.

She adds in her view as an attorney, the county is on solid legal ground.

“Situations like this, the federal court, the Supreme Court look at whether or not there is a compelling state interest with the action that has been taken,” she explained.

Dr. Temple Robinson used her time to dispel myths.

“This vaccine does not enter the DNA of people,” she said. “So, we’re not talking about changing people’s DNA.”

Leon County’s vaccination rate is about 50%.

“If each of us who have been vaccinated could convince one person we know that’s not vaccinated, we’d have the whole county,” Dr. Robinson added. “50 and 50 make 100! That’s 100%!”

Holmes also asked residents to encourage rather than argue.

“Many will agree and some will disagree, but I think we ought to be able to disagree without being disagreeable,” he said.

Dr. Robinson added that, if you have questions about the vaccine, you can speak with a doctor you trust to learn more.

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