KK Aggarwal, a well-known doctor and former President of the Indian Medical Association, conferred with the Padma Shri, made the mistake of getting the coronavirus without his wife. What happened next is going viral on the Internet. A video of Dr Aggarwal is doing the rounds on social media, in which his wife can be heard taking his class. People are giving different types of reactions to this video.

After making the mistake of getting the vaccine shot alone, Doctor KK Aggarwal made another mistake of answering his wife's phone during the live session. At this time, what the wife said was recorded and went viral on social media. In the video, it is seen that Dr Aggarwal is sitting in a car and during this time he is in a live session. Then he gets a call from his wife, who asks if he went to get the vaccine. The doctor says that he had gone to check and he was told to get it as there was no crowd. So he got the shots

As soon as the doctor tells that he has got the vaccine, his wife gets very angry and asks if he could not take her along. In response to this, the doctor repeatedly tells that on Monday, she too will get vaccinated. He had only gone to find out, but was vaccinated. Everyone else will be vaccinated on Monday. After this, the wife gets furious. In the video, she can be heard saying, "Bahut ajeeb ho tum, humein sath nahi le jaa sakte the? Tum mujhe apne sath kyon nahi le gaye". (You're so weird, you couldn't take me along? Why didn't you take me with you?)

Dr Agarwal again tries to convince the angry wife that he had just gone to find out and got vaccinated. His wife says, "Bahane mat banao. Mujhse jhooth mat bolo" (Don't make excuses. Do not lie to me). Then the doctor realizes that he is in a live session and says to the wife, "I am live now, let's talk later'. After this, his wife says, "Main abhi live aa kar tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hoon" (I will come live and teach you a lesson).

After the video went viral, Dr KK Aggarwal issued a statement on his Twitter handle. He wrote, "I am aware of a video of myself that is doing the rounds and I am glad I provided people with a moment of levity in these tough times after all laughter is the best medicine. While you have enjoyed a laugh at my expense, at something which was nothing but my wife's concern towards my health and safety, I would urge each one of you to take the vaccine when you get the chance. I am happy to learn that this episode educated millions on the importance of the vaccine, something that has been my mission as a doctor. I truly believe and I am sure all of you will agree that not taking the vaccine is a bigger laughing matter."

People are different reactions on social media by sharing the video of the conversation between KK Aggarwal and his wife.

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