Posted 23 September 2020 | By Michael Mezher 

Recon: UK to host COVID vaccine challenge trials;  Roche, AC Immune Alzheimer’s drug flops in Phase 2 study
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In Focus: US

  • FDA poised to announce tougher standards for a covid-19 vaccine that make it unlikely one will be cleared by Election Day (Washington Post) (FT) (NYTimes) (Reuters)
  • CDC Advisory Panel to Delay Vote on Initial Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout (WSJ)
  • US health agency sets October 16 deadline for states to submit vaccine plans (Reuters)
  • J&J kicks off final study of single-shot COVID-19 vaccine in 60,000 volunteers (Reuters) (NYTimes)
  • Health secretary Azar says AstraZeneca trial in United States remains on hold: CNBC (Reuters)
  • Relief Therapeutics seeks US emergency approval for drug against COVID-19 (Reuters)
  • Novartis faces delay after FDA asks for another Zolgensma study (Reuters)

In Focus: International

  • UK to test vaccines on volunteers deliberately infected with Covid-19 (FT) (Reuters)
  • Sanofi spokesman says has no role in COVID-19 human challenge trial (Reuters)
  • AstraZeneca not involved in planned COVID-19 human challenge trial (Reuters)
  • Fujifilm's Avigan shown to be effective in Japanese Phase-3 trial for COVID-19 (Reuters)
  • Sanofi, GSK sign deal with Canada to supply up to 72M COVID-19 vaccine doses (Press)
  • Novartis sells bonds tied to expanding access to medicines in poor countries (STAT)
  • Roche Alzheimer's drug fails, joining long list of trial flops (Reuters)
  • Public funding underwrote much of the development of J&J’s drug for TB, analysis finds (STAT)

Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Despite Claims, Trump Rarely Uses Wartime Law in Battle Against Covid (NYTimes)
  • Senate Democrats introduce legislation to probe politicization of pandemic response (The Hill)
  • Could A COVID-19 Vaccine Gain EUA Without Sponsor Cooperation? (Pink Sheet)
  • Scientists plead for clarity on AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine trial (FT)
  • EMA Pushes For More EU Support For COVID-19 Vaccine Work (Pink Sheet)
  • New Canadian Rule Allows Rolling Data Submissions For COVID-19 Drugs, Vaccines (Pink Sheet)

Pharma & Biotech

  • ‘No Turning Back’ On Regulatory Changes at UK MHRA (Pink Sheet)
  • Sun Pharma the latest to recall metformin after carcinogen tests come up positive (Fierce)
  • ICER rubber-stamps Vertex’s $311K CF drug Trikafta but blasts ‘monopoly’ pricing (Fierce)
  • Health Canada approves Merck’s etanercept biosimilar for new indications (Big Molecule Watch)
  • FDA Officials Cite Reasons For Denying Application Reviews Over Data Integrity Breaches (Pink Sheet)
  • Vertex, CRISPR Therapeutics’ sickle cell gene therapy wins PRIME designation (PhramaTimes)
  • Blueprint plots return to FDA with new Ayvakit data in rare condition — and the analysts cheer (Endpoints)
  • ARCH’s Bob Nelsen is backing an mRNA upstart that promises to upend the entire manufacturing side of the global business (Endpoints)
  • Immetas Therapeutics nabs $11M Series A to narrow their bispecific work targeting inflammation in age-related diseases (Endpoints)
  • As its biotechs hit the pandemic exit, Longitude raises $585M for new neuro, cancer, aging and orphan-focused fund (Endpoints)
  • With $29M in Series A, Boehringer-backed Libra looks to tackle neurodegeneration through cellular cleaning (Endpoints)
  • PhII Alzheimer's failure deals new blow to Roche, AC Immune — but the tau hypothesis is far from dead (Endpoints)
  • PureTech plans Nasdaq debut with secondary listing; GoodRx prices $725M IPO (Endpoints)
  • FDA accepts supplemental new drug application for Pfizer’s Xalkori® (crizotinib) for the treatment of pediatric ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma (Press)
  • Methotrexate once-weekly for autoimmune diseases: new measures to reduce risk of fatal overdose due to inadvertent daily instead of weekly dosing (MHRA)


  • FDA launches years-in-the-making digital health center (MedtechDive) (Fierce) (FDA)
  • Medtronic gets FDA breakthrough tag for device to prevent infections (MedtechDive)
  • FDA De Novo OKs outpace 2019 with Spineology device, two others (MedtechInsight)
  • LabCorp to roll out Resolution Bio’s lung cancer liquid biopsy test (Fierce)
  • Legal Experts Predict How US Supreme Court Shake-Up Will Impact Medtech (MedtechInsight)
  • Japan PMD Act revisions include fast-track reviews for some medical devices and IVDs (Emergo)
  • Not Too Late? German Industry Presses For EU MRA With Post-Brexit UK (MedtechInsight)

Government, Regulatory & Legal

  • International Law Enforcement Operation Targeting Opioid Traffickers on the Darknet Results in over 170 Arrests Worldwide and the Seizure of Weapons, Drugs and over $6.5 Million (DOJ)
  • Trump's Drug Pricing Order Is More Bark Than Bite (Law360)
  • Catalyst Says FDA Is Breaking Law By Approving Rival's Drug (Law360)
  • Takeda Subsidiary Seeks $130M For Drug Firm's Spinoff Fraud (Law360)
  • Feds Slam Regeneron's Attempt To Duck Kickback Suit (Law360)
  • Continuous Manufacturing Centers Of Excellence Measure Resurfaces In US House (Pink Sheet)

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