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I am quite a newbie to bioinformatics but am currently trying to conduct a gene expression survival analysis, so please forgive me ahead of time if my questions are amateurish.
I have the entire gene expression datasets of 249 patients (tumor expression data only, no normal samples) and am interested in one gene specifically. I saw an extremely helpful tutorial (Survival analysis with gene expression) as well as this (survival analysis based on gene expression for one gene only) thread that was helpful (thank you to Dr. Blighe!), but I still have the question whether I need to take the Z-score since I have the expression for all of the genes even though I'm only working with one of the genes.

How would I go about doing this so that I can best work with my gene in question? Or would it be a better idea to take the route of the tutorial and just check for the genes that are most statistically significant rather than focusing on the one singular gene in my hypothesis?

Also, since I do not have the data for normal tissue (but I do have the event-free survival time for all the tumor data), would not having normal tissue expression data cause any issues in my project? I was under the assumption that it would not since this is a survival analysis and I have the event-free survival time/other clinical data for all my tumor samples.

Thank you so much in advance!

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