R command worked yesterday, but stalls today?


I am having trouble with this MOFA Tutorial in R: raw.githack.com/bioFAM/MOFA2_tutorials/master/R_tutorials/10x_scRNA_scATAC.html

Yesterday, the commands were working but today R stalled on this particular command:
seurat <- seurat %>%
.[,[email protected]$pass_accQC==TRUE & [email protected]$pass_rnaQC==TRUE]

I tried to redo the run but now it keeps stalling on the following command, which is to download the data:
seurat <- readRDS(url("ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/databases/mofa/10x_rna_atac_vignette/seurat.rds"))

R studio displays the red octagonal symbol at the top right corner, indicating it is running the code, but never completes the command. Both commands were working fine yesterday but I haven't been able to get it to work today or figure out what the issue is yet. Do you have any suggestions?



This is like asking us why your soufflé turned out great yesterday but collapsed miserably today. How can we know the answer? Did you do everything the same today compared to yesterday?

But here, since you are asking: network problems, issues with Seurat download site, your computer running other programs in the background or for some reason having less resources available compared to yesterday.

before adding your answer.

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