Quantify transcriptomic shift between two conditions for each cluster


Hi all,

I have scRNAseq samples from 2 conditions (control and drug-treated). If I cluster them and plot them on a UMAP, I clearly see that some cell clusters from the drug-treated sample show a strong shift and cluster seperatly, whereas others are not affected by the drug-treatment and nicely cluster with the control cells.
Besides the visualization I would like to quantify this transcriptomic shift and assess a "score" of how strongly each cluster is affected by the drug.The cells in my sample are heterogenous in cell number and cell size(amount of genes dected per cell size), so just taking the amount of DEGs wont work since the amount of DEGs is heavily influenced by these factors.
Is there a way to do this?

Cheers and thanks for thinking about my question.






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