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Hello All,

I am very new to proteomics data analysis. I have generated following data by Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. However, l am not sure the way l should proceed for data analysis. Any lead regarding approach, method and some tools would be appreciated. I have attached sample data set for the reference.

Patient ID Protein name Normalized Protein Expression value (NPX) tissues state Treatment Time
P1 prot1 7.18055085 S1 MH Untreated Baseline
P2 prot2 8.178083398 S1 MH Untreated Week.6
P3 prot2 15.30458955 S1 MH Untreated Week.12
P4 prot1 8.802450337 S2 TN Untreated Baseline
P5 prot3 8.114341882 S2 TN Untreated Week.6
P6 prot2 4.397341031 S2 TN Untreated Week.12
P7 prot4 15.97640882 S2 TN Treated Baseline
P8 prot2 7.186055055 S3 MH Treated Week.6
P9 prot1 5.940452273 S3 MH Treated Week.12
P10 prot3 4.723081384 S3 KA Untreated Baseline
P11 prot2 2.601387948 S3 KA Untreated Week.6
P12 prot3 4.993662554 S4 KA Untreated Week.12
P13 prot1 6.541157813 S4 KA Untreated Baseline
P14 prot3 9.206250853 S4 KA Untreated Week.6
P15 prot2 13.65303283 S5 KA Untreated Week.12
P16 prot1 7.291192107 S5 MH Treated Baseline
P17 prot4 -2.080246131 S5 MH Treated Week.6

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