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I would appreciate it if someone could help me with running TempEst software.

Running "./tempest.jar" in the lib directory gives me an error (end of this message). "Double clicking" on jar file directs me to the folder-browser and when I choose my Nexus tree, it does nothing. Any advice is appreciated. I use Ubuntu 20.04 and OpenJDK version 1.8.

[email protected]:~/Mysoftwares/TempEst_v1.5.3/lib$ ./tempest.jar
./tempest.jar: line 1: $'PK0304': command not found
./tempest.jar: line 2: $'b': command not found
./tempest.jar: line 2: $'b315N': command not found
./tempest.jar: command substitution: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token ('
./tempest.jar: command substitution: line 7:
�Ǹ� ���1i���4�,�Cz�U��g(m1G~S�v�H]
./tempest.jar: line 7{b�N
�0��@�CF�Ƞ���X�U�퉁6=.��otrz�� No such file or directory
./tempest.jar: line 8: a{B���G����L��fh� �t�k&���
S�HRO�R7���j�X�!5���vtO��RJ�dȰВ��i٩�~�@5O����NE�2�KF#�H��w�[email protected]�#QF���!C���M#%o��YFvp���xѠ���dcB��W
/�I� 4B�#U�5�u�9��!+���PK
Y��N^෷Mdr/app/beauti/BeautiApp$2.class}QMK�@}�~��h�lkՓxH�DzmmAh� ��i��55ل�V�_驠��G��R�u��ٙ��}3������=Yts(�Pֱ����F�=��RV�: No such file or directory
./tempest.jar: line 9: syntax error near unexpected token('
�i���pes���՟���K��P<ح(�=�J/��4|ڦ�G]�g���������������HǶ�:vL�FP �F�=dt*=�=7
U�v�u)������t4 �3Ι��4�YLP��Gj�����ᄹ�
�� ��m�'���,'�n��+�#dt5-MU��

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