Plink 1.9 "File read failure" error when merging with --bmerge


When trying to merge two bfiles, I keep getting the "File read failure" error just after the merging starts, even though the files were obviously read and recognised. Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong? See below.

PLINK v1.90b6.6 64-bit (10 Oct 2018) 
(C) 2005-2018 Shaun Purcell, Christopher Chang   GNU General Public License v3

Logging to file1_file2_merged.log.
Options in effect:

  --bfile file1
  --bmerge file2
  --out file1_file2_merged

128823 MB RAM detected; reserving 64411 MB for main workspace.
399 people loaded from file1.fam.
1239 people to be merged from file2.fam.
Of these, 1239 are new, while 0 are present in the base dataset.
580127 markers loaded from file1.bim.
562582 markers to be merged from file2.bim.
Of these, 155 are new, while 562427 are present in the base dataset.
Performing single-pass merge (1638 people, 580282 variants).

Pass 1: fileset #1 complete.
Error: File read failure.





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