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Dear Community,

We are starting a new lab in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell. We will have 2 PhD research assistant positions in animal functional genomics and bioinformatics available at Cornell Animal Science in 2021 Fall (Postdoc positions are also available). Please find our work here at Duan Lab:

Our research focused on functional genomics and epigenetic in domestic animals. The successful candidate will participate in collaborative projects and execute basic research on genomic and epigenetic regulation in domestic animals as well as model species. The research areas include but are not limited to studying the molecular mechanism of environmental stressors impact on epigenetic regulation during the early development; the parental effects on offsprings development; functional annotation of regulatory elements in genome; comparative genomics and multi-omics approaches in domestic species genome regulation. We aim to translate our findings to provide new insights that will be beneficial to both animal and human health.

Through these projects, the candidate will acquire strong technical expertise in advanced functional genomics research, bioinformatics, statistics, and next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis. Further training opportunities will be provided to develop a wide array of professional and personal skills, including mentorship, scientific writing, project management, science communication, and career development. Stipend and tuition funding are also available on a competitive basis within the Department of Animal Science.

If you are interested or know who will be interested, please feel free to reach out to me at: [email protected]

Please also help spreading the word!! Thank you for your help and support for a junior colleague!

Best regards,


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