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Good morning to everyone,

To complete a DE genes analysis, at the end of my pipeline (during which I adopted DESEQ2 and edgeR methods, to compare results), I'd like to perform a GO enrichment analysis.

My main problem is that the GO terms aren't available on databases online, since I'm using a genome which is incomplete and only partially annotated. I'd like to use GO terms from that one.

I've tried to use the function goana from R, which I slightly changed to make it accept an external database, but it isn't working on my specific results, like I explained here.

I was considering topGo but it seems quite hard to adapt it to this purpose...
I'd also be interested in something similar for KEGG analysis (for which I had thought of kegga from Bioconductor, but I guess I'm going to have similar issues).

Any suggestions there?
What could I use which is free (I'm not going to buy BLAST2GO).
Thanks in advance!

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