As the pharmaceutical companies are getting closer to launch Covid-19 vaccines in the market, anti-vaxxers are also coming up with wild conspiracy theories. Syed Zaid Hamid Sayyadi, a “famous expert” from Pakistan, is on the frontline to ‘inform’ people about the hazards that the Covid-19 Vaccine allegedly poses.

Zaid Hamid is a popular TV talk show figure in Pakistan. He had earlier announced a war against India declaring that it is Prophet Mohammad’s wish to convert all Hindus in India. However, he soon started bad-mouthing anyone who was pretending to be more Islamic than him. Eventually, he was imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and was sentenced with 50 lashes a week for several weeks.

In a viral video of Zaid, he talks about how Bill Gates wants to control the world through vaccines. He said, “Bill Gates is working on several projects. The aim is to reduce the population in the world. He is preparing the new world order by making humans his slaves. He is working on nanotechlogy for a long time. He is manufacturing small chips that can be injected in humans via syringe. He is working on vaccines that can alter the DNA of the human beings. The new Vaccine of Covid-19 is a DNA altering vaccine. Once the DNA of the human is mixed with machine and DNA of animals, it will change the creation of the God. It is called genetically modified technology.”

He further said that this is not fiction, and a lot of work has already been published on the genetic modification of humans. He also added that World Economic Forum and Bill Gates want to eradicate meat from the world. They want humans to consume laboratory-grown beef and milk. “They will kill all the animals. A new dictatorship is coming. The base of this dictatorship will be based on 5G technology and Internet of Things. Every person will get digital certificate. You will be able to travel only after acquiring this certificate. The real meaning of Covid is Certificate Of Vaccination ID. This is the reason coronavirus is called Covid -19,” he further added.

Zaid is not the only anti-vaxxer against Covid-19 Vaccine

Unfortunately, Ziad is not the only one who is speaking against the Covid-19 Vaccine. Countless rumours are being spread on social media platforms where anti-vaxxers make all sorts of baseless claims against the Vaccine. From nanotechnology to the use of human male fetuses in the creation of the Vaccine, these rumours have been debunked multiple times, but they keep on resurfacing.

Pakistan and its history against Vaccine

This is not the first time the people of Pakistan have stood against the vaccination program. There were several reports of polio vaccination workers being attacked in Pakistan. Some superstitious groups believe that the polio vaccine will make them impotent. Islamic fundamentalists have been brainwashing people against vaccines for years.

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