Forum:Opinions on publishing Research as a Blog?


Hi all,

during my Master Thesis, I had the luck to generate a certain amount of novel, valuable knowledge.
This encompasses answers to 150 years of morphological uncertainties, high quality assembled coding sequences (and a proteome!), and a likely explanation for an absolutely out-there trait.

The topic however is fringe (to put it mildly). Additionally, it was not supported by funding.
However,my PI had to substantially reorient the efforts of the entire group due to some extreme hardships in the last years. While this was managed masterfully, the project I was working for had to be terminated.
As a result, my work will absolutely not be published in a peer-reviewed article. This is fine by me, as I'm planning to leave academia. However, because I love what I did, I'd love to make the findings of my Master Thesis public in some form.

I was thinking about publishing my findings as a blog. What do you think about that? Would you make your research public in such a way? What should be considered?




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