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Physalia courses is organazing a 2-day practical course on R Shiny in March (2-3; ONLINE VIA ZOOM)

In order to fully leverage Shiny capabilities, one need to understand its core concepts. We’ll dig in details into these concepts so that at the end of the workshop you’ll feel comfortable developing web applications directly from R.


This workshop is targeting a broad audience: Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Researchers, Biologists, Economists, among others. They all share something in common, the value added that will be generated throughout the implementation of a web application.


  • A basic proficiency in R is required

  • Some knowledge of dplyr and ggplot2 would be beneficial as we’ll use them to build our applications

  • Finally, we’ll work within the RStudio IDE (Integrated Development Environment), as such a basic familiarity is preferable.

  • No knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript in required.

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