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Hello everyone!

I was trying to build a microbiome network in R using the example from the book. However, I got this error while converting a qraph network to igraph network. Here is the code for it.

  #get the data amgut1.filt, it could be derived from github. Besides, load some useful libraries.



Now we have a file.

ebic.cor <- cor_auto(amgut1.filt)
#cor_auto suppose to count correlations.

#we try to find a graph with the best EBIC
ebic.graph <- EBICglasso(ebic.cor, ncol(amgut1.filt), 0.5)

#then build a qgraph network
ebic.qgnet <- qgraph(ebic.graph, DoNotPlot = TRUE)

#but we need an igraph network,so ... <- as.igraph(ebic.qgnet, attributes = TRUE)

After running the last line, I had this error.

In vattrs[[name]][index] <- value : number of items to replace is not
a multiple of replacement length

Does anyone had the same error? If so, I would highly appreciate the help with resolving this question.

Thanks in advance,

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