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Hi everyone.
I am trying to download a list of sra files from SRA sever. I stored all SRA accession codes in a file named accList.txt so that each line is one accession code.
I want to use nohup to download all of the files automatically . I rub the code below but it seems that it does not work properly.

nohup bash -c "while read -r line; do prefetch --ngc prj_26719_D29472.ngc $line ; done < accList.txt " 2>error.out

and in the out put file nohup.out I get the follwing message.

  prefetch [options] <SRA accession> [...]
  Download SRA files and their dependencies

  prefetch [options] --cart <kart file>
  Download cart file

  prefetch [options] <URL> --output-file <FILE>
  Download URL to FILE

  prefetch [options] <URL> [...] --output-directory <DIRECTORY>
  Download URL or URL-s to DIRECTORY

  prefetch [options] <SRA file> [...]
  Check SRA file for missed dependencies and download them

can anyone please help me with this issue? thank you

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