CreateSeuratObject: No cell names (colnames) names present in the input matrix


I did scRNA-seq using patient PBMC, 4 biological replicates. Each PBMC was tagged with 4 different types of hashtag oligos and subjected to multiplexing. Using fastq files, cellranger multi was performed and 4 matrices were generated. Using Seurat, I imported one output matrix to R studio using Read10X as followsfirst error. Next, when I used CreateSeuratOjbect and encountered this error second error. My data contains two different types of information where one is gene expression and the other multiplexing capture data layout data layout.

I think it might be due to the coexistence of two different datasets, based on the message "10X data contains more than one type and is being returned as a list containing matrices of each type." Or, If I can designate the name of the column in my dataset, Seurat may read my data.

What do you think?






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