Nitrogen fixing enzyme annotation with HMMER and DIAMOND?


We are seeking to annotate nitrogen fixing genes within metagenomes similar to how Hotpep and dbCAN do for carbohydrate active enzymes.

First and foremost is there a premade tool capiable of doing this? I have searched but not been able to find anything.

If not is if a viable option to generate a profile HMM database for nitrogen fixing genes scrapped from UniProtKB and then use HMMER to annotate them within our metagenomes?

We would like to combine this with using the same protein sequences from Uniprot and create a DIAMOND database so use this tool for the same purpose of annotation nitrogen fixing genes. We would then cross reference the two tools and take hits that appear in both.

If this methodology valid and is uniprot a good place to go in order to scrape the protein sequences for a database?





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