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The Center for Viral Systems Biology at Scripps Research has created a Location Tracker for better SARS-CoV-2 variant surveillance using data from GISAID. The new tool serves to help biomedical researchers stay updated on COVID-19 developments in real-time.

This open-source tool is available at

Location reports at the country, state or other region, and county level
- Interactive charts of lineage prevalence over time
- Breakdowns of most common lineages detected over specified time periods
- Comparison charts of most commonly detected lineages and mutations per location
- Sequencing data
- Epidemic curves for lineages and mutations
- Interactive maps of geographic prevalence (for countries)

There is also a Lineage & Mutation version of the surveillance tool to find data by variant instead of location:
- Create custom reports for any PANGO lineages, mutations, or combinations of lineages and mutations
- Data summaries with key insights
- Mutation tables and interactive mutation maps
- Daily prevalence of the lineage/mutation over time
- Geographic prevalence maps
- Aggregated list of journal articles, preprints, and other resources published about the variant

Feedback is greatly appreciated and can be submitted using the site's GitHub link. If you'd like to try out the tool and offer more detailed feedback, we'd love to talk to you - send me a message (or email ehaag [at] scripps [dot] edu).


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