As the world grapples with the life-threatening impacts of COVID-19, a slew of scientists have been working on vaccines since the outbreak of the pandemic. From the beginning, it was said that the world will get vaccines until the end of 2020, and now that we have at least reached the stage where some vaccinations might truly treat us, misunderstandings regarding vaccinations have grown. The launch of the ASTRAZENECA vaccination in Pakistan has raised many questions, since misleading information is circulating on social media, which is confusing the public in all over the world. Some individuals believe that these vaccinations may modify DNA or implant any kind of chip in the body, however this is a complete myth. To guarantee that people who are concerned about vaccine myths are satisfied, the government and medical professionals should address the rising misunderstandings regarding vaccinations by spreading awareness about the benefits of vaccines, among the people.

Shawwala Aslam


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