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Hi friends,
I am using maftools to analyze for mutation.
this is my code for cooncoplot :

coOncoplot(m1 = maf1, m2 = maf2, m1Name="Tumor",
m2Name="Control", genes = c("VHL", "PBRM1", "TTN",
"BAP1", "KDM5C", "ATM","MTOR", "ABTB2","FBN2", "SETD2", "BRINP2"),
removeNonMutated = FALSE)

this is my plot:

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when I set removeNonMutated = FALSE and removeNonMutated = TRUE the resulted plots are the same.
anyone can tell me why number of sample stays the same in both? I try to solve my power problem by setting removeNonMutated = FALSE but I could not make it work.


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