I'm trying to modify the header and chromosome to include the file prefix and output this to a new bam file. I was going to do this with sed but would rather do it with pysam if it is possible.

A line of my bam file is as follows:

GWNJ-0901:658:GW2006263225th:6:1101:12824:2610  99      NC_011993.1_Escherichia_coli_LF82_complete_genome_length_4773108        2056740 42      27M     =       2056869 150     CGGCTGCACGGGCGAAGTTTCCGCCGC     FJ-AJAJJJ<AAFJJJ<J<JFJ<-A7A    AS:i:0  XN:i:0  XM:i:0  XO:i:0  XG:i:0  NM:i:0  MD:Z:27 YS:i:-3 YT:Z:CP

Where I want to access the 3rd column, chromosome colum I think it is called, and concat a prefix to it:


I'm having trouble writing out this amended column to an output file using fetch:

                for read in input_bam.fetch(reference=species):
                    print(input_bam.get_reference_name(read.reference_id)) # Returns chromosome column
                    prefixed_chrom=prefix + '_' +input_bam.get_reference_name(read.reference_id)

                    with pysam.AlignmentFile(full_output_path, "w",template=input_bam) as outf:
                        a = pysam.AlignedSegment()
                        a.query_name = read.query_name
                        a.query_sequence = read.query_sequence
                        a.get_reference_name(read.reference_id) = prefixed_chrom
                        a.flag = read.flag
                        a.reference_id = read.reference_id
                        a.reference_start = read.reference_start
                        a.mapping_quality = read.mapping_quality
                        a.cigar = read.cigar
                        a.next_reference_id = read.next_reference_id
                        a.next_reference_start= read.next_reference_start
                        a.query_qualities = read.query_qualities
                        a.tags = read.tags

SyntaxError: cannot assign to function call

How can I write this amended chromosome column to an output file using pysam? Many thanks!

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