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MatrixEQTL's linearModel proclaims to have nearly identical results to R's lm() function (See

When I manually calculate my linear model with lm(), I occasionally get inconsistent results. Eventually I noticed that I get the same results if there are no missing values. But with missing values, MatrixEQTL seems to inflate the t-values and thus p-values.

Note: The model in question includes covariates. Additionally, matrixEQTL was conducted on a large dataset. But for curiosity, I started to check individual models and noticed the discrepancy.

Searching online, I found one post that stated "...MatrixEQTL imputes the missing values before doing the calculations." ( But I couldn't find other references to imputation. Looking at the manuscript, I get the impression some short-cuts are being made to make these calculations manageable. Perhaps the degrees of freedom aren't being adjusted with missing values. But this is speculation on my part and I would really like to know what is causing the inconsistent results.

Thank you for any help

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