making of count matrix


Hi all, I have a csv file with 3 column as 1st column is sample is, Second column is gene name and third column is allele frequency so how can I create a count matrix using this Information. below is the csv file format:

Sample      gene         AlleleFrequency
ABP         AGRN                   0.480662983
ABP         SPATA21                0.571428571
ABP           RHD                 0.458333333
ABP         AUNIP                  0.480769231
ABP        COL16A1         0.461538462
MNV BEND5                0.3
MNV BEND5          0.333333333
MNV BEND5           0.337349398
MNV DNAJC6             0.55
MNV FPGT-TNNI3K  0.367346939
CCR SLC44A5.            0.375
CCR SLC25A24          0.59375
CCR TCHH              0.142857143
CCR TCHH             0.153846154
CCR TCHH             0.236220472
KKL TCHH    0.231343284
KKL TCHH    0.271428571
KKL NPR1    0.503968254
KKL ADAR    0.466666667
KKL CD1E    0.418604651
BPP SPTA1   0.566666667
BPP PIGM    0.56
BPP SLAMF7  0.451219512
BPP LINC01720   0.548387097
BPP ELF3    0.482758621
CCQ NUAK2   0.46969697
CCQ MARK1   0.490196078
CCQ CDC42BPA;ZNF678 0.411764706
CCQ RYR2    0.739130435
CCQ PXDN    0.517006803






What exactly makes you feel this data is sufficient to generate/impute a count matrix? As far as I am aware, there is no way to do that from mutational frequency data.

before adding your answer.

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