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I'm having a problem with MAKER2, it's producing the following error message for all contigs and I can't work out how to fix it. Initially, it had a problem finding RepBase, so I set the following environmental variable before invoking maker export REPEATMASKER_LIB_DIR=/path/to/my/repeatmasker/lib (recommended here). Have I missed something stupid? How do I fix this?

Possible precedence issue with control flow operator at /shared/software/miniconda3/envs/maker/lib/site_perl/5.26.2/Bio/DB/ line 845.
STATUS: Parsing control files...
STATUS: Processing and indexing input FASTA files...
STATUS: Setting up database for any GFF3 input...
A data structure will be created for you at:

To access files for individual sequences use the datastore index:

STATUS: Now running MAKER...
examining contents of the fasta file and run log

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Now starting the contig!!
SeqID: VLOF01000001.1
Length: 2369

setting up GFF3 output and fasta chunks
doing repeat masking
running  repeat masker.
#--------- command -------------#
cd /tmp/maker_aMxeYi; /shared/software/miniconda3/envs/maker/bin/RepeatMasker /home/u1983390/Fusarium_data/MAKER_annotations/VLOF01.1.maker.output/VLOF01.1_datastore/D2/F7/VLOF01000001.1//theVoid.VLOF01000001.1/0/VLOF01000001%2E1.0.all.rb -species all -dir /home/u1983390/Fusarium_data/MAKER_annotations/VLOF01.1.maker.output/VLOF01.1_datastore/D2/F7/VLOF01000001.1//theVoid.VLOF01000001.1/0 -pa 1
Died at /shared/software/miniconda3/envs/maker/share/RepeatMasker/ line 332.
ERROR: RepeatMasker failed
--> rank=NA, hostname=vettel
ERROR: Failed while doing repeat masking
ERROR: Chunk failed at level:0, tier_type:1

ERROR: Chunk failed at level:2, tier_type:0

examining contents of the fasta file and run log

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