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Dear all,
At present I am looking for post-doc (Bioinformatics) position in Germany. I have completed my PhD in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics in 2019. Topic of my PhD thesis is “Evolutionary medicine of type 2 diabetes”. Apart from my PhD work, I have also performed computational studies to understand the impact of biotic and abiotic stress in rice plant. I have also employed various computational approaches to unmask molecular mechanisms associated with various diseases in humans and plants, too.
As I have work with various cancer datasets, during my post-doc I am very much interested work and understand “Cancer network rewiring by isoform switches” using both experimental and computational approaches. Since, I have also expertise in evolutionary biology, in-silico drug design, microarray data analysis, RNA sequencing data analysis, single-cell RNA-seq data analysis and programming, especially, R, SHELL Script, PERL and JAVA, I can work in other domain too, including software development.

If someone is interested, contact me at my email: [email protected] or here, I would like to share my detail resume, including a detail project proposal on the "Cancer network rewiring by isoform switches" via email.
My complete publication list can be found at

Kindly note:
Though I have written to numerous professors in Germany and waiting for their reply, writing here to reach more relevant people.

I have written a few more projects, for instance, "Tumor heterogeneity in cancer", "evolutionary medicine approaches in Alzheimer disease". If anyone interested, I can work on these topics too.

At present, I am only looking for a job in Germany.



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