Looking for dataset with scRNA-seq data for normal (non cancer, non iPSCs) but prolifirating cells human (may be mouse or other )


I am looking for srRNAseq dataset for the purpose of the cell cycle analysis.
We have already looked on many cancer cell lines data, but want to check certain things on "normal cells".
The problem is that normal cells are not much prolifirating.
But still there is some prolifiration for some types of cells - I would be happy for recomendation for any kind of such dataset (and publication). Preferably for human cells, but other suggestions are also welcome.

Preferably the cells should not be differentiating - otherwise it would be a problem to distinguish the cell cycle trajectory from differentiation one.


S. Nestorova dataset used in scanpy and seurat tutorials is not good for that reason - the main story is about differentiation and cell cycle analysis seems to suffer from that.



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