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Hi everyone,

I'm an MS CS graduate with a background on software engineering, encryption, and information systems. For my PhD, I'm thinking of applying data science/AI to the sciences. I find bioinformatics aligned to my interests and right now, and I'm doing a self study on bioinformatics and genomics through materials found online. Given the situation, I'm asking if there are programs where there are opportunities to learn the breadth and depth on the fly. At worst, I have to defer my applications for now so I can concentrate on learning the basics first. I believe that getting some breadth and depth will make me more comfortable tackling research problems.

Any tips or suggestions on what to do next and any schools/programs to recommend? I'm only an average student/B student and with that said, I'm not really looking forward to get into the most competitive and/or prestigious programs.

All constructive responses are appreciated. Thanks.

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