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Hello bioinformatics people,

I am using the complete option of LDhat. I understand it is supposed to take days possibly to run the LDhat complete command, and mine (split 20 ways) are finishing in about 5 minutes. When I run on our SLURM I don't get any explicit errors from ldhat itself, but my workflow manager, snakemake, will say that there is an error when implementing the rule that runs each of the complete commands. When I run a single line not via snakemake and just through a .sh file, it still only takes 5 min or so to run, and the .err and .out's do not have any explicit error messages. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

here is my command:

path/to/ldhat/2.2a/complete -n 20 -rhomax 1000 -n_pts 101 -theta 0.00191 -split 20 -element 0

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