Keep values from VCF file into Ensembl VEP annotation


Hi everyone. Does anyone knows how to keep VCF fields QUAL and FILTER when using tab output format from Ensembl VEP?
I could just use bcftools to extract those values into another file them use awk to match POS, REF and ALT values and them print those values into another column from my vep output but, I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do this!
My vep script looks like this:

$VEP -i ${i}.vcf --assembly GRCh37 --format vcf -o ${i}.vep --tab --fields "$FIELDS" --sift p --polyphen p --ccds --hgvs --symbol --numbers --regulatory --canonical --protein --biotype --gene_phenotype --af_gnomad --max_af --pubmed --variant_class --hgvs  --fasta $REF --dir $VEP_CACHE --no_stats --use_given_ref --force_overwrite --offline --cache --refseq --flag_pick --fork 20 --verbose --plugin $PLUGINS --custom $CUSTOM

I've searched Ensembl VEP website but found nothing regarding this task.

Appreciate any help. Thanks!



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