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The word 'rapid' is a red flag in the World of publishing, and I would encourage you to be cautious in this realm. It seems that you have written an unsolicited review; so, your next step should be to send pre-submission enquiries. However, unless you have an outstanding reputation in the field, most / all of the top tier journals will not accept your review, and they don't need to - they send out invites to well known researchers and invite them to write a review for them. This said, I don't want to discourage you from trying.

If, in the process of trying to publish, the 'editor' and / or 'reviewers' seem overly keen to publish your work, and cannot find any fault with it, then you may very well be in communication with a 'bogus' journal, of which there are thousands. The idea of having your work peer reviewed is to critique it.

You may have luck with some of the BMC journals, as they previously accepted an unsolicited review that I wrote.


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