A video of an alleged conversation by an instant messaging service circulates on the network in a group of friends in which one of them says that he works in a laboratory that is investigating the solution to COVID-19 and that they “force them to design the vaccine but so that it is possible to introduce a capsule with it ”. This person ends up explaining that he fears that this “is to implant a chip” and control ourselves. However, this is not possible today. It’s false.

This hoax joins many others that have spread in recent weeks about a possible introduction of microchips through the new COVID-19 vaccine candidates and who, in fact, They originate from an answer to a Reddit question by Microsoft creator tycoon Bill Gates, which was misinterpreted.

Gates in no case exposed on that network, nor later, as he explained in an article on his blog ‘Gates Notes’, that microchips can be inserted into vaccines, but “eventually” it is very likely that until there is a solution “we will have some digital certificates to show who recently recovered or was tested ”and even when we have a vaccine to“ know who received it ”.

This clarification joins another that the philanthropist gave on June 3 at the virtual press conference prior to the GAVI donors conference, a global association dedicated to improving access to vaccination. In it Gates said that has never had anything to do with a microchip and that “repeating it so many times almost seems to give it credibility”, but that its foundation is simply dedicated to “investing money to buy vaccines”. However, the plots in the networks did not stop. One of the most famous, that of the president of the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University, José Luis Mendoza, during the celebration of San Antonio de Padua on June 13. However, injection of chips into vaccines is currently not possible.

Vaccination records under the skin

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in addition to investing money in purchasing and distributing vaccines, is also dedicated to researching some of the newest alternatives to solve COVID-19 and many other diseases. The latest innovations, the focus of RNA and DNA vaccines, as a result of which the hoax was also generated that human DNA is modified with them and that in Newtral.es we have already verified, or the therapeutic treatment research that can mitigate the effects of SARS-CoV-2 as “using the blood (plasma) of people recovering“Since in principle” these can have antibodies to protect people. ”

But this foundation also subsidizes private research projects with funds. One of them, the one published in December 2019 in the journal Science Translational Medicine dedicated to developing vaccines that would leave a kind of invisible tattoo under the skin (really some infrared light sensitive microparticles called quantum dots) and as a result of which it could be known with a modified smartphone whether or not that person has been vaccinated of something in particular.

In other words, the same as the digital QR or printed certificate that many countries are already distributing among their citizens, but under the skin. Even if remember that it is not entirely useful Because, as the World Health Organization (WHO) warns, “there is no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.”

More about quantum tattoos

This project has also been used to continue the hoax that Gates wants to introduce microchips into vaccines, but as you can see It has nothing to do with it. A microchip is not a microparticle. In addition, at the moment it has only been tested on mice and in any case that ‘tattoo’ only remains for five years under the skin.

As explained by one of its authors, Kevin McHugh, assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University in Houston, Texas, in statements to the Public Affairs Office of said university, the research intends to last at least two years and is aimed at the 1.5 million preventable deaths resulting from lack of vaccines, mainly in developing countries.

He also highlights that the project has two very positive sides, “first that unnecessary vaccines are not administered, which has a cost”, and second, “but even greater”, that “does not leave people without immunity and at risk of contracting an infectious disease. ”

Regarding data protection, McHugh explained that “people may choose not to participate” as well as “Does not say anything else about the person”, only if you are vaccinated or not.


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