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I keep getting the error below while trying to run the script for my Trinity-assembled transcriptome (fasta file).

Any advice on where the issue may lie would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

/home/russod/Trinotate/auto/ --Trinotate_sqlite /home/russod/Trinotate.sqlite --transcripts /home/russod/Trinity.fasta --gene_to_trans_map /home/russod/fastp-denovo/Trinity.fasta.gene_trans_map --conf /home/russod/Trinotate/auto/conf.txt --CPU 8


Running CMD: /home/russod/tmhmm-2.0c/bin/tmhmm --short < /home/russod/Trinity.fasta.transdecoder.pep > tmhmm.out Error, cmd: /home/russod/tmhmm-2.0c/bin/tmhmm --short < /home/russod/Trinity.fasta.transdecoder.pep > tmhmm.out 2>tmp.7530.stderr died with ret 36096 at /home/russod/Trinotate/auto/../PerlLib/ line 102. Pipeliner::run(Pipeliner=HASH(0x7fffdf450fe0)) called at /home/russod/Trinotate/auto/ line 109

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