Is there a manual to understand STAR output files?


I am quite new in RNA-seq and I need to ask you if someone knows how can I find a web page, manual or something where I can see an explanation of all the output files that STAR gives.

I tried to solve my doubts in the STAR manual, but it only has the explanation for the "log files" >> log.out, log.progress.out and

I would like to understand the other files but I don't know how.
For example, in the first step when you generate the indexes, STAR gives you all these files. Some of them are easy to understand by context and by their names.. but others, I would like to have an explanation, what information contains each column...

  • chrLength.txt
  • chrNameLength.txt
  • chrName.txt
  • chrStart.txt
  • Genome
  • genomeParameters.txt
  • SA
  • etc.

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