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I'm a mid-level software developer (B.S. in Computer Science) who is looking to make an impact on challenges with climate change. Specifically, I want to get into crop improvement to help feed and nourish the growing population.

I've started reading Genomes 3rd ed. by Brown and doing problems on to gauge my interest, and after 3 months I am still fascinated by microbiology/genomes. I would like to pursue a masters in bioinformatics (I'm not eager to commit to a 5+ year PhD program), but then my manager shared her disillusionment with bioinformatics 10 years ago.

She was discouraged by the fact that her research was never published or used. She said that it was hard to get your research published or "taken seriously" unless you had connections with folks on the in vitro/vivo side of the house. For you linux people reading this, she said that she grew tired of her work writing to /dev/null haha. Is that the case in this field, or was her experience just an anomaly?

Appreciate the guidance.

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